Thursday, May 22, 2014

Costa Rica

Well hello there. I am so behind on blogging, I have a gazillion things in my drafts that I need to post but this is the one thing I have managed to get done. So here it goes ....

We decided to travel as much as we could this year, I have no idea why but it definitely has been fun and I feel very fortunate. Jeremy & Adam seriously are the hardest workers I know but thats a whole other story I will tell in a different post. I feel like I work a ton too and I am always finding something to keep me busy while I'm not working. Its just the way all three of us are, but because we are like that we choose to save our money and spend our free time traveling, at least for right now. Costa Rica was decided because we had just went to the Dominican Republic for Adams birthday in February that it was only fair to go somewhere for Jeremy's birthday. I was a little nervous because I had heard about the snakes and bugs in Costa rica, but it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. Yes there were tons of bugs and I'm pretty sure I never saw the same bug twice, but all the fun we had trumped the fact that I was constantly surrounded by the thing I hate the most.. BUGS! This trip was a blast and I was able to Document a ton of it with my new go pro that Jeremy bought me for our anniversary, so be prepared for lots more videos to come! I was planning on going into ore details of where we stayed because it was super awesome and all the details of our tours but if you want to know you can always ask me :) Enjoy our pics and video!!!

Costa Rica 2014 from Cena Jordan on Vimeo.


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  2. The second picture of you in the rafts is a PERFECT picture of what I picture you doing EVERY time you are surprised! It's a face I totally have pictured in my head. :) Love your awesome videos!

  3. looks like soo much fun!! makes me want to go to costa rica and get a go pro! haha